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Support Companies That Support Freedom!

Vote with your dollars and ensure that your purchases support companies that promote freedom. Join millions of shoppers that have made the switch. America First Patriots Store is your chance to take action and be part of the movement to switch to affordable, American made consumer goods. Learn how you can join the movement!


With The Patriot Shopping Club You Get:


Comparable Prices

Non-toxic Products For
Every Area Of Your Home and Life

Supports American
Jobs and Families

No Mainstream Advertising Cost

Made in the USA

Learn More About Making The Switch

You Can Make A Difference

We are under the impression that having unlimited options when buying products at the big box store is a good thing, but...

That is an illusion!

What we know for certain is how bad these big box stores are for our communities & our families, but they are the ones calling the shots!

Big-box stores undermine small businesses and entrepreneurialism.

Retailing is notorious for its low wages, part-time hours, and lack of employee benefits.

Hidden costs in the form of public assistance to low-wage workers, which affects "our" taxes.

Loss of uniqueness of place as big-box retailers make America become more homogeneous.

The Illusion of Choice

There are hundreds of consumer goods brands in our country and the vast majority of them are all owned and controlled by just a handful of mega-corporations. Even when you think you are buying natural products, in many cases those natural companies have been absorbed by these giant corporations

“We are blessed with the opportunity to stand for something - for liberty, freedom and fairness.
And these are things worth fighting for, worth devoting our lives to”

- Ronald Reagan , 40th US President

Many of the products are advertised as being safe for us and our families, but they have a track record that indicates the opposite.

Procter & Gamble Sued Over Possible Benzene In Antiperspirants

P&G To Pay $8 Million To Settle Class-Action Lawsuit Over Benzene In Aerosol Products

Colgate-Palmolive Talcum Powder: Asbestos & Litigation

Tom's Of Maine Natural Toothpaste Class Action Lawsuit

Colgate Charcoal/Benzene Class Action Lawsuit

Dove Class Action Over "Gentle" Body Wash Claims To Proceed

Learn More About Making The Switch

Learn how you can vote with your dollars!


Where Does Your Money Go?

Studies show that nearly 63% of the price you pay for consumer goods add no value to the end consumer. Billions of dollars each year is used to purchase advertising with THE BIG WOKE media companies, fund distribution and big box stores.

Spending that money on better, safer ingredients and a company that supports freedom is a better option.

Here is why you should join with over
2 million people who already made the switch!

Change Is What Changes Things

Until we are willing to accept that we must change our habits in order to affect change, we will never be able to make the difference we need in this country. What are you willing to do in order to affect change? The great part is that we are not asking you to do anything outside your ordinary routine. These are the items you already purchase, the quality is second to none and pricing is comparable if not better in most cases for a better quality product. Just check out the store and you'll see that it fits into your current budget.

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